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Why ONNO is the Best News and Magazine Theme Script?

ONNO is a Laravel based news and magazine web application framework. This news theme is compatible with all devices and browsers. Very well-responsive design and a wonderful user experience.

A complete manageable application with a powerful admin panel. There is everything to manage a news and magazine platform; You can create and manage posts (like an article, video, audio and writing content), voting features, and polls. Add various widgets, unlimited pages, change theme style and so on things.

The biggest advantage of using ONNO is customization; you don’t need coding skills because this application provides complete access to change everything in your needs. Also, have another advantage to monetize your system or website with various ads network and native ads.

Everyone wants to get organic traffic; you can easily reach the targeted audience by search engine optimization. This application provides a complete option for SEO to rank your website on the top search result.

ONNO News Theme: Why it is the Best?

ONNO has many additional features which haven’t been in other applications. Hence ONNO is one of the best complete applications where you will get-

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  • Complete content management system.
  • Fully SEO-supported.
  • Responsive to the most popular ads network and native ads system.


Is ONNO Would Be an Alternative to WordPress?

Why not? ONNO completely can be an alternative to WordPress and any other CMS system because this application provides such features which meet all necessary needs.

SecurityHighly vulnerable, Most hacked system.Highly secured. There haven’t been any record of hack.
Third Party PluginsA number of third party plugins are used.No third party plugins, only API available.
Theme FeaturesTheme requires customization.Already customized, you just put your content in the right place.
Technical SkillsNeed some technical skills.Technical skill not required, anyone can manage the theme.
Source CodeSource code is given, but reuse not allowed.Provide full source code for reuse and modification.
PluginsTo add new features, plugins are required.All necessary features have already been added.
Read/Write PermissionIn many cases, users need to give some read/write permissions to third party.There’s no need to give any permission to the other application.
WordPress vs. ONNO: A Comparison Analysis

Why Do We Use ONNO?

It would be best if you used ONNO for some reasons, such as –

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  • Build your platform, where you have the core access to change anything.
  • Don’t need to pay further, and this is a one-time deal.
  • Free support from us.
  • Necessary features and applications are integrated.
  • Analysis of data on the own admin panel.
  • Easy management and customization.


ONNO News and Magazine Theme Script

What Are the Features of ONNO?

ONNO has many features; I will show here just some of the core features you must know whether they are necessary for you or not.

The core features of ONNO are:

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  • Create Unlimited News, Articles, videos, Audio, Images and so on.
  • Build Pages as much as you want.
  • There is an opportunity to create pulls & Votes for taking the visitor’s opinion.
  • Showing lots of widgets to show important information in front of the audience.
  • ONNO supports ad networks like AdSense, Ads Code, Banner, HTML & Text, javascript and native ads.
  • Customization opportunity.
  • Fully SEO supported and SEO ready.
  • Responsive and all devices & browsers supported.
  • Very quick loading without hassle.


Advanced Features of ONNO

The advanced features of ONNO are –

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  • Layout options
  • Unlimited accent color option
  • Many fonts support
  • Amazon S3 Integrated
  • FFMPEG Implemented for video
  • YouTube uploads and remote video support
  • Subscribe option and Newsletter system
  • Built-in-email template
  • Custom role and permission system
  • Visitor statistics
  • RSS feed support
  • Multiple comment method (in-build, disqus, Facebook)
  • Social share
  • Featured post
  • News ticker
  • Dynamic Tag system
  • Voting poll
  • Responsive and Sortable slider
  • Drag and drop mega menu
  • Responsive and sortable slider
  • Email verification
  • Sitemap generator
  • Google Analytics and Advanced SEO enabled
  • Theme options


UI/UX Features

The features for user experience and interfaces are listed below.

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  • Eye-catching design
  • Clean and responsive layout
  • Easy switch to the setting, profile, and history screen.
  • One-click login with Facebook, Google
  • Responsive Ad spaces for any kind of ad codes (including Google Adsense)
  • RTL support
  • SEO optimized


Software Architecture Features

ONNO features for software architecture are given below.

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Video Features

You get additional video supports in ONNO.

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  • Upload mp4
  • Remote mp4
  • YouTube


How to Buy and Setup ONNO?

You can buy ONNO news theme on SpaGreen Creative’s website or from Codecanyon. We will send you full documentation when you have made a purchase. You can easily set up the website by yourself with this news theme. Also, you could try the tutorial video on how to set up the news theme ONNO.

What Technologies Are Used to Develop ONNO?

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  • Build using most used PHP framework -Laravel
  • Modular based Laravel system
  • Multilingual system (add new language easily)
  • Built using Bootstrap 4.x


Final Notes

ONNO is an exclusive news and magazine web application to build a complete application. If you need a website for your organization, buy ONNO today to develop a website and manage it yourself. To operate this website, you don’t need coding knowledge. We are here to assist you in setting up ONNO or any help of information technology.


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