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About Us

SpaGreen Creative

SpaGreen Creative is a leading software company in Bangladesh. The company has offered quality software services worldwide since 2018. Especially for web application, android application and iOS application development services. Always we love to take on challenging work. In our whole journey, working with many organizations. Our greatest satisfaction is our clients happy with our service.

We have a skilled team of engineers who have deep knowledge of the latest technology. We achieved the elite author position on the Envato marketplace. We are going to the big revaluation of industry 4.0 and a sustainable technology environment.

Our Goal

The company’s goal is to transform clients’ business on the web. We always believe in customer satisfaction to reach their way. SpaGreen Creative’s planning to add talented people to the working team. To go towards the leadership position of the software industry in the world.

SpaGreen’s Mission

Our mission is to make clients happier. Generate new ideas to solve the problem on the web, android, iOS area. To enhance our client’s business growth to a higher level. 

Our Vision

To change the world with new ideas and solving critical problems as well. SpaGreen Creative’s team dedicatedly works for branding Bangladeshi software solutions worldwide. We are trying to do something better for Bangladesh. 

We are working to enhance our clients business growth through various software support. Our aim is to fulfil customers needs. We will continue our service to provide the best quality software. we will go together to develop each other’s business. Your support is our motivation.

+ Projects Completed
Website Customer
+ Satisfied Clients
Web Design and Development 86%
Web Application Development 78%
Graphics Design 62%
Online Merketing 65%

Recognized by Industry Peers & Our Clients

It is likely to be the forerunner of your business segment and the creator of inventive ideas plus solutions. The correct software applications can aid to improve the responsiveness of industries and decrease the time to marketplace. Providing onward-thinking products plus services that have the distinctive competitive edge is a decisive benefit to realize.

Drive exciting customer-eccentricity through winning strategies, development methods, business accelerators plus software solutions. Offer customized solutions cross-ways a vast range of tech platform, device form issues, and cross-functional app necessities. Address unmitigated industry challenges through the correct technological expertise, profound domain knowledge, as well as adherence toward strict excellence control processes.

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Smart people. Brilliant ideas.We have a group of highly brilliant, skilled plus experienced web app developer who are well-experienced in creating inventive web apps.

Abdul Mannan Zinnat

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Abdul Mannan

Founder & Developer

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Bablu Mazumder

Software Engineer(PHP,Laravel)

Zahid Hasan Shaikat

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Zahid Hasan Shaikat

Back-End Developer

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Tayeb Khan

Software Engineer(PHP, Laravel)

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Hijbullah Al Mahmud

Software Engineer(Mobile Apps)


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Mir Mahfuz

Software Engineer(Mobile Apps)

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Mizanur Rahman

Support Engineer

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Gopal Talukder

Graphics Designer(UI & UX)

Our Contributions to The World

Our wish is to create employment opportunities for young and talented people all around the world. Every year we have generated good money, we use the money for research and developing new applications as well as do social work worldwide.

We believe that our little contribution helps the actualization of our clients business growth and creates employment opportunities for a number of people. As well as using our free resources (video tutorial, writing content on the blog) students and newbies develop their skills to enter the software industry .

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