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Don’t waste time building your own team; start working on your Flutter app now.

With Flutter, you can create beautiful, high-performance, and outstanding mobile apps, all on time and on budget with one of the world's most experienced teams.

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Flutter has been part of SpaGreen Creative from the beginning (2017). Flutter enables the creation of cross-platform apps for iOS, Android, MacOS, Windows, and Linux using a single codebase. Reduction in time to market and development costs are two benefits of Flutter. 

Our team consists of 20 Flutter developers who create native apps using Flutter in a goal-oriented, predictable, and fast process called TAP. Read client reviews, see our latest apps, or ask us questions to determine if we’re the Flutter app development company you’re looking for.

Mobile App Development Mobile App Development

What can you expect from working with us?

We keep our promises and deliver the best

Predictable delivery

We constantly verify the progress toward the goal, identify obstacles, adapt with new solutions, and maximize the value we deliver. We provide all the necessary tools so that you can monitor the progress.

Goal focused

Having a goal in mind ensures that the finished product meets the needs of customers, while staying within the budget. Spending money on the right things that benefit you and your customers is crucial.

Speedy delivery

Using intelligent tools and methods in product development, we are able to decrease the time to value ratio and deliver within a competitively short time period thanks to continuous automated processes.

Be part of the Flutter groundbreaking team

Our mobile development services revolve around Flutter due to our specialization in it. That’s where we feel most at home. We combine it with our frontend and backend development, Product Design or QA, to develop Flutter-based apps.

What apps are most suitable for Flutter development? The decision to use it needs to be made on a case-by-case basic. That’s why you need to consult the project with our mobile app development company. However, some clear Flutter winners include:

Cross-platform applications

With cross-platform development, you may build an application for various platforms from a single project. Your job usually requires only one codebase. This approach is economical, fast, and does not require compromising quality. It is therefore a good choice for mobile cross-platform development. Our mobile app developers will ensure that your app is ready for publishing on both iOS and Android.
Our development team will
  • simultaneously build Android and iOS apps
  • maintain the same style and behaviour
  • will do all that things at the cost of one app

MVCs and working prototypes

When testing out product idea, businesses often build a simple mobile application with limited functionality. In such projects, time and money are of utmost importance. Flutter is a great choice for developing fast, mobile apps.

You will have a working application that you can test on multiple platforms after working on just one project.

Our development team will
  • turn ideas into working app easily
  • allow you to test all of your exclusive ideas
  • provide excellent time-to-market

Apps with clean UI

Highly successful mobile applications typically include only the most critical features, avoiding complex animations and keeping interactions to a minimum. Flutter development is an excellent choice for such apps because there is a limit to how much of the complexity of native apps you can replicate in Flutter without degrading performance.

It must be carefully considered in the initial stages of your project, and you should seek out expert mobile app development services.

Our development team will
  • design intuitive and best user interfaces
  • adhere to best practices of user experience
  • optimize the app for cool and smooth performance

Apps with dependency on native APIs

Some mobile apps developed using Flutter may require native API assistance for camera or GPS functions, for instance. The more functionality an app has, the more it impacts performance.

Skilled developers will recognise when native APIs must be utilised, and when alternative options can be used.

Our development team will
  • use native APIs reliably
  • optimize the use for performance and scalability
  • find the most efficient way of implementing every feature

Technologies We Work On

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Our Works

We’re very proud to have worked on these amazing apps

Yoori Web Mobile Yoori Web Mobile
Yoori Updated Logo Yoori Updated Logo

Yoori eCommerce​

A complete eCommerce cms with user and delivery app made with Flutter for both iOS and android platform.

Our developers are responsible for
  • Flutter android app development 
  • Flutter iOS app development 
  • Product Design (UX & UI Design) 
  • Web app development 
  • Backend development
ONNO News Web Mobile ONNO News Web Mobile
Onno News Onno News


A super responsive news and magazine script. CMS and mobile app for android and iOS.

Our developers are responsible for
  • Flutter android app development 
  • Flutter iOS app development 
  • Product Design (UX & UI Design) 
  • Web app development 
  • Backend development
Meet Air Mobile Meet Air Mobile
Meet Air Meet Air


For creating your own video conference app on iOS and android platform. 

Our developers are responsible for
  • Flutter android app Development 
  • Flutter iOS app Development
  • Product Design (UX & UI Design)
OXOO Mobile OXOO Mobile
Oxoo Logo Updated Oxoo Logo Updated


Create your own Live TV and Movie Portal app for android and iOS with this script.

Our developers are responsible for
  • Flutter android app Development 
  • Flutter iOS app Development
  • Product Design (UX & UI Design)

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Frequently Asked Questions

We are ready to solve your queries

Using one code across all major platforms is cross-platform app development. It saves time and money because you only have to pay for one phase of development, and it operates on multiple devices.

Using only the default language and IDE for a specific platform, native app development is the process of creating native apps for mobile platforms. Java or Kotlin is used by Android developers, whereas Objective C or Swift is used by iOS developers.

Sure, Flutter is usually quicker and less expensive to develop with than native technologies (Kotlin and Swift). However, not all application types are suitable for Flutter, and in many cases, native technologies must be used to ensure stability and performance (Kotlin and Swift).

Flutter has many advantages when used to develop two separate native applications that perform identical functions and do not take advantage of their unique platform features. This approach can eliminate the need for maintaining two source codes and developing two development teams.

We protect our rights by not providing source code before payment is completed. You can still see one or two coding chunks to ensure that you are satisfied.

Sure, we can help you fill in account details and payment-related terms to finish the developer account signup process.

We’ve worked with a wide range of technology, financial services, education, and IoT companies, but we are open to trying new things.