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What are the processes of information security?

Information security is a very important thing because the information is an asset, a software has lots of sensitive data were stored an organization’s financial and other kinds of data like bank account information, transaction history, personal information, business-related information, various types of content. A secured application ensures data safety. 

There are many applications developed to show content to the end-user ( Like, informational content, entertainment content and so on).  Some businesses here on the internet operate their platform for earning money from publishing content. So, software security or data safety is an important issue nowadays.


But the question is how to protect our data from unauthorized access or hack?

Ok, there are a number of ways to ensure data security, it’s an ongoing process every time we have to be aware to defend against any attack. I will discuss simple but important factors for application security.

Such as: 

  • Prevention
  • Detection
  • Response



It would be better if we prevent any attack or unusual activities in the beginning stage. Prevention is a wonderful technique to stop any attack. 

Mainly there are two types of attack when we intend to prevent that. 

  • Accidental 
  • Intentational 


An application’s data can lose for some of the technical issues,  like

  • The responsible person can delete the data, unfortunately. 
  • The server can be damaged.
  • Software crashed. 
  • Server crashed.
  • And so many things.


The system can hack intentionally from unauthorized people which is called data hijacking. The hack will be to steal data or spread different kinds of virus. 

  • Password Attack
  • SQL Injection Attack
  • URL Interpretation
  • DNS Spoofing
  • Session Hijacking
  • Brute force attack
  • Web Attacks
  • Trojan Horses
  • XSS Attacks
  • Malware Attack
  • MITM Attacks

And so many attacks.


How to prevent these attacks?

We easily prevent any attacks if we get steps at the correct time, following simple three steps can prevent unauthorized access from attackers. 


The first step is identifying the reasons for the attack, in this phase identify the system which is used by the user. 


First, you have to provide valid information to authenticate the application to enter, authentication processing by password, face, biometric, multi-factor authentication, OTP, token and so on. 


After completing the authentication, you will count as an authorized user and get full access to the application ( contents, your personal data etc). 



(IDS) Intrusion detection systems is a process to identify any malicious, virus and attacks on the primary steps. Use such types of programs that monitor your system 24 hours. The program has the ability to alert, and block the hackers on time when any attack has occurred.



The response will have different ways but I will discuss just two processes.

Before attack

Before an attack when someone is trying to breakdown your system, prevent them and find out your system problem by penetration testing. You have to point to the venerability because a system can only be hacked by the venerability passed. 

After attack

When your system has been hacked, what will be your step?

  • Recover the account.
  • Destroy the attacker’s access.
  • Set a super-strong password. 
  • Prevent any occurrence before happening. 
  • Monitoring 24 hours. 
  • Assign a cybersecurity specialist. 


Are your company’s applications secured?

Yes, our company’s applications are 100% security passed, we released the application in the market before passing the security test. A highly skilled security testing team and cybersecurity specialist work to ensure the security of our applications. After cybersecurity specialist certification we released our software’s beta version. 

Waiting for customers claim, after 3 months fixed all issues ( if there have anything from our end-user) then released the complete version again. 

We bought your application, how can ensure security?

You are welcome, because when you bought our application then your platform’s  50% security has been confirmed. The other 50% of the security up to you, but we believe that ensuring 100% security is our responsibility. So that we will give you some simple suggestions to secure your application from unauthorized access. Follow the below guidelines,

  • Set a strong password. 
  • Open two-step authentication. 
  • Use secured third party services.
  • Don’t share your password and other information which will help the hacker break down your system. 
  • Change the password regularly. 


If my system is hacked, will you help us to recover?

Yes, we will help to recover your hacked system. But there are some conditions.

  • We can’t guarantee because this is an uncertain event.
  • If a hacker deletes your content. 
  • If the application is completely destroyed. 


What kinds of applications Spagreen Creative offer?

Basically, we offered various kinds of software systems to use for different purposes. For example, we provide

MeetAir – online video conference application, to build your own video meeting platform.

ONNO – News and magazine (Php based)  theme to make your news and magazine website with cms based system

OXOO – Live TV and movie portal application, with android, live STB box  and amazon fire tv on every platform ( Web, Android and iOS)

OXOO – Android live TV, gives you the opportunity to build a live tv platform on android. 

OVOO – Live TV and movie portal CMS with a subscription system, if you use this application then you can charge your customers automatically. 

ITNOW – Visitor pass and gate pass management system, in there you can easily manage and track your organization’s visitors. 


I didn’t buy your application, how can I buy it?

Ok, it’s very simple, just go to codecanyon (this is our profile)  and select an item then buy or you can visit our website. You will get all the documentation when you buy our application, which is needed to set up the application, or any help we are here to provide you with free support in the first six months.  



A software system or digital platform security is very important because your business depends on the application. You may prevent occurrences and any kinds of attack or hacking by taking some steps.

 You don’t need to have excellent technical knowledge. Because when you block the all possible option to unauthorized access of your application and follow the proper guideline then nobody can access your data and break down your system. 

SpaGreen Creative is always with you to solve any problem of your applications (If you bought that from us). Don’t hesitate to contact us for any help or query. Our highly expert team 24/7 waiting to answer your query. 

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