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How to Start a SAAS Business

To start a SaaS business you have to know about the SaaS business, which helps to make the business successful. 

Software as a service is the best information technology, business model. The online business is going to a big revolution to the subscription-based system. Where you can get a monthly recurring commission. 

What is saas business?

Sass means the software as a service. It’s a business model where you launch the software as an online cloud-based service. To make software for worldwide people. Where people can access your system for solving their problem, free and buy your service. 


How does work saas business model?

This is the easy model showing the figure below, to build your saas business.  There are some components that will help to build your sass business in your desire. 

A saas business can two plans, such as:

  1. Free plan
  2. Paid Plan

Model of the software

You should have software that can offer a universal product for end customers that can have a b2b or b2c covered both. 


Free Plan

The free plan will provide free access to the software as free, the strategy will help the audience use it with your software. 

Earn From Ads

In the free plan, you can earn money by showing ads, when someone doesn’t buy a premium plan you have to give them free limited feature’s access to the users and showing ads on them. But the premium members are ads free. 



So you have software and want to sell this with a targeted group of people as costumes. What are the steps to get clients for your business?

There are several ways to get clients for your business like, 

  • You can promote your business by paid marketing on social or another market.
  • Publish content and marketing the content.
  • Do Ono-page SEO, Off-page SEO and Technical SEO properly for your website and make it available on search result.
  • Email marketing to reach real clients.



Keep a monthly and yearly subscription system. So that you can easily get the recurring commission from the users.


How much money can I earn?

Sass business earning depends on how many clients you have. To earn a smart amount should provide a good value to the clients, for example: 

  • Provide a unique solution whose competition is low.
  • Add the effective features. 
  • Keep reasonable prices.
  • Offer a free version with a basic plan.
  • Make a user manual and make that available for everyone.


Is your software sass ready?

Yes, if you buy SpaGreen Creative’s software then you will get the saas version, where you can do everything as a saas business. 


In which software is good for my business?

It’s totally up to you. Our every software is unique and well-featured. But for kind information let me explain everything about our software.

We offered the most important software solution that competition is very low but the market needs are high. Some of our applications are. 


MeetAir – Online video conference application. To operate webinars, video meetings, online classes, private meetings and so on.

ONNO – News and magazine script, this is a complete website theme with full source code to build your own news and magazine website, and also can use this web application for your organization as well. 

OXOO – Live TV and movie portal application. One of the best cross-platform based web, Android TV & iOS. Also for Android STB box and Android fire TV.

OVOO – ovoo is an add ons of oxoo, this application used for live TV and movie portals with a subscription system on the web. 

ITNOW – Visitor pass and gate pass management system. A complete application to monitor and manage your organization’s visitors an employee pass.


Should I need technical knowledge? 

Yes, of course, you should need technical knowledge to operate and manage the business but there are conditions if you don’t have the knowledge. 

Non-technical skills

If you don’t have technical skills, you can also manage the business by hiring a technical skilled person.


If I buy your application will I get your support?

You will get 6 months of free support to fix any problem or install the application. 


What is the future of saas business?

Every offline software converts quickly to sass because it’s the best way to do anything on cloud-based software. As well as interact with more customers and available the application to the board range of people. Day by day sass value will increase, so the saas future is very good. 



Make a plan for a saas business, start your business today. I believe this guideline will help you. If you have any query or question let us know here. We will help you to build a successful saas business. 

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