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Simply build powerful online store

Simple, fast and manageable eCommerce platform to start sell today.

Manage you online shop with advance dashboard to grow your business

Ecommerce solution that lets you enjoy a lot of powerful  features and manage unlimited products and sell with your powerful dashboard.

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eCommerce Dashboard
Mobile Responsive Design

Mobile-responsive eShop design

Welcome guests from anyplace at anytime with a mobile-optimized website. Displays superbly across all screens, from desktop computers to smartphones to tablet devices.

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Offer customers a seamless, user-friendly shopping experience

Website Layout

Product Page Layout

Enjoy AN optimized layout specifically developed to extend your conversion rate.

Promothional Banner

Promote your shop worldwide

Highlight sales, promoting campaigns and alternative promotions with customizable banners for every of your pages.

Shopping Cart

Add-to-Cart with Cross Selling

Display a confirmation screen with complementary product for fast and effective cross-selling.

Payment and Cart

Accept payments instantly

Choose from over fifty foremost payment solutions and gateways. settle for direct payments as well as all major credit and debit cards, e-checks, gift-cards and additional.

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Configure shipping with major carriers

Offer customers everyplace reliable shipping, by putting in all the carriers and zones you would like. management logistical details, like fees by weight, moreover as discounts, directly from your back workplace.

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Shipping Car
Tax Rules

Easily set up tax rules

eShop advanced tracking system detects wherever customers area unit situated and mechanically calculates their native tax per unit.

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Hassle free customer checkout

Customize your checkout funnel to deliver a simple searching expertise. provide customers the convenience of categorical, guest and account checkout – even settle for orders over the phone.

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Customer Checkout
Customer Services

Easily set up customer service tools

Increase client satisfaction with tools for come back management, consumer account creation and order modification. offer nice client service with a centralized client management system.

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Different eCommerce package to suit every need!


The starter eCommerce solutions!

  • USD $150
  • BDT 12000
  • Domains 1
  • Hosting 2 GB
  • Product 5
  • Product Category 5
  • Post Sell Support 1 Month


The basic eCommerce solutions!

  • USD $250
  • BDT 20000
  • Domains 1
  • Hosting 5 GB
  • Product 15
  • Product Category 10
  • Post Sell Support 3 Month


The advance eCommerce solutions!

  • USD $400
  • BDT 30000
  • Domains 1
  • Hosting 20 GB
  • Product 50
  • Product Category 25
  • Post Sell Support 6 Month


The corporate eCommerce solutions!

  • USD $$$$
  • BDT $$$$$
  • Domains 1
  • Hosting ** GB
  • Product ***
  • Product Category ***
  • Post Sell Support Contactual

E commerce 

In today’s viable world, it is very important to establish a rapport through your customers, existing or potential. Simply founding a website is not sufficient. Today is the age of eCommerce,  you have to proffer products and services online that will remain related to your customers while at the same time keeping them from going toward your competitors.

A simple website will not offer all the benefits you want to see in order to watch your industry grow, it is a must for you to hire eCommerce web development specialists who would aid you in driving sales as well as growing the profits. For this,  you will need to define ecommerce before doing anything else.

What is ecommerce?

Starting an eCommerce solution includes several jobs that comprise content managing system, shopping carts, safe payment gateways, checkouts as well as additional activities. Consequently, you need the aid of companies that focus in ecommerce web site development.

A good way to go is to find the best companies and to compare digital agencies to see which one fits your business, and then follow the guidelines that can aid you select the best eCommerce web development firm :

Experience: the leading thing that you should take note of is the experience of the eCommerce web site development firm. An experienced firm undoubtedly aids in framing marketing policies and plans that would aid your business reach new altitudes of success. You must check out the firm’s past work as well as get evaluations from previous customers. Taking aid from the internet could also help.

Flexible: while looking for a firm that offers the best ecommerce solution, you should check out whether they are supple or not. Definite companies are firm and do not like to turn their marketing approaches as requisite by the customers, but there are companies at sites like that actually try to do what customers ask to reach their marketing goals.

Excellence Output: You do not want to be stuck through a firm that creates below-average outcomes. In this viable world, you requisite unique plus high excellence solutions. So, you must search for a firm that promises exclusive solutions that are high in excellence and promise high return on investment.

Knowledgeable Team: when in search of a reliable plus reputed eCommerce web Development Firm, look for one that has skilled and well-informed staff. Assigning the significant job of ecommerce website development toward an inexpert and untrained firm can collapse your business plans.

Value: since no firm offers services for free, search for a company that has a complete pricing policy. Do not fall in for firms that promise a proffer that is too-decent-to-be-true. Likewise, do not opt for firms that charge exceedingly. Instead search for a company that proffers a good deal.

There are so numerous factors  that creates an eCommerce comapny to come to the forefront in today’s domain. Saving valuable time involved in business dealings is actually a prominent factor.


In worldwide market scenario, the advent of  ecommerce as a forerunner has released up numerous windows of prospects for a diversity of online firms and investors. Progressively more resources are being directed in to electronic safeties, internet amenities, business plans as well as new technologies because of the flourishing in the space of E-commerce. As an outcome various novel markets have appeared from  ecommerce itself giving an increase to the worldwide market.