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Month: March 2021

ONNO News and Magazine Theme Script

ONNO News and Magazine Theme

ONNO is a laravel based news and magazine web application framework. This theme is compatible with all devices and browsers. Very well responsive design and wonderful user experience.  A complete manageable application with a powerful admin panel. There is everything to manage a news and magazine platform, You can create and manage post (like an...Read More

How to Start a SAAS Business

To start a SaaS business you have to know about the SaaS business, which helps to make the business successful.  Software as a service is the best information technology, business model. The online business is going to a big revolution to the subscription-based system. Where you can get a monthly recurring commission.  What is saas...Read More

What are the processes of information security?

Information security is a very important thing because the information is an asset, a software has lots of sensitive data were stored an organization’s financial and other kinds of data like bank account information, transaction history, personal information, business-related information, various types of content. A secured application ensures data safety.  There are many applications developed...Read More

MeetAir Video Conference Application

A number of video conference applications right now in the market. But all belong to a third party and you have to pay if you want any service from them. How well it works if they have a complete online video conference application. Which ensures an end to end encrypted free video calling opportunity for...Read More